Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question? Hopefully you'll find the answer here! If not, just reach out to us and we're happy to answer any questions you might have about registration, our teams, the soccer season, and more!

Registration FAQs

What is my Got Sport username and/or password?

If your child has played for any Member Association of North Texas Soccer, please use their existing GotSport account. Do not create a new account. You can login to and click Forgot Password to retrieve your password associated with the email on the account.

I am having trouble registering and I don't know if my registration was accepted?

In order to eliminate problems with registering, use a computer in place of a phone or tablet. You will receive an email within fifteen minutes of your registration being accepted. If you did not receive an email or you are having problems, please email You can also login to your Got Sport account and view Program Registrations. If you have a "View" button, then registration is complete. If it shows "Continue" next to the program, then it hasn't been submitted yet.

Please do not wait until the last day of registration to troubleshoot; BESA receives a high load of calls during this time and may be unable to assist you.

How do I pay and do you offer a discount?

Payment is only accepted online within the registration program, Got Sport. Payment plans are set up within the registration event and we encourage you to utilize the payment plan early in the registration period as all payments are due at the close of registration.

Financial Aid is available to qualified applicants. (See the Financial Aid tab under the Registration menu.)

We do offer returning coaches a $20 discount for returning for a consecutive season. Coaches should check with their age group commissioner for the code.

What exactly does my registration fee cover?

North Texas State Soccer Association (“NTSSA”), of which BESA is a part, receives a portion of each players’ registration fee which provides insurance coverage and operation expenses incurred for the development of soccer programs. The remainder is used locally to cover uniforms, field maintenance, pay for referees and equipment, and more.

What additional costs can I expect to pay?

The only mandatory equipment required by our rules are shin guards. Soccer cleats are not mandatory equipment but are recommended. Each player will want to have a soccer ball. There are other optional costs that vary from team to team, such as photos, tournament fees, party expenses, snacks, etc.

Team Formation FAQs

What if I'm unhappy with team placement?

It happens from time to time. We encourage players, parents, and coaches to work out any issues together.

I want my child to play up with an older age group.

BESA allows players to request to play up one age division. All true aged players will be assigned to teams first. The play up requests will be accepted as space allows. This is only a request and is not a guarantee. You can make this request in the registration form.

I have siblings that would like to play together.

BESA allows siblings that are within one birth year of each other to play on the same (older) team. Please use the Special Request section on the registration form and note that it is a sibling. The younger sibling will play up with the older sibling.

How are teams formed?

Teams are formed according to the players' neighborhood public elementary school. New players may request to buddy with a friend on an existing team.

What is a Buddy Request?

In order to promote soccer participation, a player may invite a friend from the same Member Association who was not registered in any Member Association during the last two seasons to join his existing team with the permission of the Member Association. Requests are not guaranteed.

My child wants to change teams.

Players are assigned to teams for the full season. At the time of registration for a new season, players may request to change teams by selecting Open Draw on their registration form. All players requesting to change teams will be placed in the player pool for reassignment and are not eligible to request a team.

Practices & Games FAQs

What if my child can only practice on certain days?

Our coaches are all volunteers and set the schedule for practices. If you have schedule limitations, we encourage you to step up as a head coach for your child's team so you can choose practices days, times, and location.

How much playing time will my child get?

BESA Playing Rules state that "each team member must have the opportunity to play at least one-half of every game he/she attends."

Where and when do we practice?

The location, day and time of your team’s practice is at the discretion of the coach. Practices are typically held during the week in the evenings at a Bedford or Euless park or school.  

Why can’t we practice at the soccer complexes?

Keeping soccer fields green and in playable condition is a struggle, even with all the hard work of the Cities of Euless and Bedford. By not practicing on game fields, we hope to allow the fields an opportunity to rebound and achieve the best possible results from this huge investment. 

Where are the games played?

U4 through U8 coed teams play Texas Star Park in Euless. U9 and older as well as All Girls teams of all ages play half of their games at Texas Star Park; the other half of their games will take place in surrounding areas like Hurst, Trophy Club, Colleyville, North Richland Hills, Fort Worth, etc. Our 13U and 14U teams may also play their home games at Stormie Jones Park in Bedford.

When are the games played?

Games are typically scheduled on Saturdays. On occasion, games may be scheduled on a Sunday afternoon or weeknight.

What if we don't have a referee?

4U games do not have a referee; coaches will fill this role as the players learn the game. BESA strives to provide referees for 5U games and up, however, there are factors that we cannot control. Referees become ill, injured, or school and family conflicts come up at the last minute. The rules of BESA and NTSSA allow for a coach to referee a game when a sanctioned referee is not available. We always are looking for referees!

How many games will we play?

Each season will have 8-10 games. In the event of inclement weather, cancelled games will be rescheduled whenever possible. 

Do we play in the rain?

Rain does not automatically cancel a soccer game. We only cancel games in the event of lightning or when continued play will cause damage to the fields. Sometimes morning games are cancelled, but not afternoon games. Best practice – show up for your games. All delays or cancellations will be posted.

Do we have to play in a tournament?

No, participation in a tournament is strictly optional and is up to each individual team. Just about every recreational tournament allows for guest players to cover these situations. However, you MUST invite each existing team member to attend the tournament. If a player chooses not to attend a particular tournament, you may then pick up guest players. At no time may a team go above their maximum allowable roster size. 

Karen Owens Soccerfest for 4U-8U is part of the season and not an official tournament, but more of an end of season event that includes games.

Coach & Referee FAQs

Can I be a coach?

We are always in need of coaches. Even if you have never played soccer before, coaching soccer is easy. All that is required is a wiliness to be involved with children. Please contact your age group commissioner under the Contacts tab if you're interested in volunteering. We are always looking for head coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers. The only requirement is that you complete a background check and SafeSport training.

How about being a referee?

We are also always in need of referees. This is perfect way to earn extra money. You must be 13 years of age to be certified as a referee. Visit our Referees page for more information on how to become a referee.