Team Formation

Teams are formed during the 2 weeks after registration ends. Players will be assigned to teams based on our team formation policy.

Children are placed on teams based on appropriate age grouping in their neighborhood PUBLIC school area. We do not honor requests for children to be placed on a specific team.

Player statuses:

  • Returning Player - players who played in the previous season will return to the same team by default
  • Open Draw Player - players who played in the previous season but do not want to return to the same team may go "open draw" which will place them in the open draw to be placed on any other team; requests are not allowed
  • Former Player - players who have played with BESA previously but not in the last season will be placed in the open draw; requests may be considered for any player who has not played with BESA for 2 seasons or more
  • New Player - players who have never played with BESA will be placed by our team formation standards; buddy requests may be considered if the player is new to soccer

Buddy Requests

In order to promote soccer participation, a player may invite a friend from the same Member Association who was not registered in any Member Association during the last two seasons to join his existing team with the permission of the Member Association. Requests are not guaranteed.

Late Registrations

After registration closes, the registration committee will open up late registration to fill available spots on teams. Team placement is not guaranteed for players who register late. All late registrations will incur a late fee.


Once an age group is full, we will allow players to register to a waitlist. We have players who may choose not to play, allowing a spot to open up and be filled by someone on the waitlist. Waitlist players are not charged unless they are removed from the waitlist and placed on a team's roster.